About our packages

How long, what price, cancelling and everything else.

  • Is there a minimum subscription length?

    Quite simply, no. You can sign up and cancel after a month if you want. But, we'd like to think you'd find the ability to keep your social media skills up to date for a small monthly fee something worth holding on to.

  • What's the cost?

    We have three package options to choose from here.

    Our Essentials package (£79.99), Pro package (£349.99) and Ultimate package (£449.99) all offer unlimited access to our courses, as well as some level of support - while our Pro and Ultimate package offer higher support, some design templates and an annual review. Our Ultimate package also gives you a monthly 30 minute check-in with one of our team.

    Please note: once you have signed up, payments will be taken monthly until you cancel.

  • Can I sign up from outside the UK?

    Yes, all of our content is international. We may use the £ sign and talk in UK English, but all the content is global. Our payment provider only accepts £ at this stage but should we get a large enough demand from a particular country we will look to include this later.

  • How easy is it to cancel?

    Very simple (although we would like you to see the benefit in what we provide...). Just log into your student dashboard, access your account and select to cancel. There's no notice period, just a simple cancellation.

  • Can I pause or skip a month?

    Unfortunately not, the system we use doesn't allow for that.

  • Who's the payment processor?

    We use Stripe, this is provided by our platform provider Thinkific.

  • What's included in each package?

    All three levels - Essential, Pro and Ultimate - include unlimited access to our courses, guides, and community hub. After that, there are a few differences...

    Essential allows you 5 queries to our support team a month.

    Pro allows you up to 20 queries a month, and you'll also receive 10 generic design templates a month (which you can edit in Canva). You can also receive an annual social media audit.

    Our Ultimate package is similar to Pro, except you can ask us up to 60 queries a month, will receive 10 design templates in your brand colours AND can set up a monthly call with one of our team to chat through your plans and get advice.

About the courses

What's included, who it's for, time required and certificates.

  • Can I pay for one-off courses?

    We don't think that's the best approach. Giving you access to a single course for a fee, then you finding out you still have unanswered questions just doesn't work for us.

  • What social platforms do you cover?

    We will have training modules on all the main platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & TikTok. We're always working on new training modules so if you're wanting to see Snapchat, Pinterest or any others added to that list, they'll be coming along soon.

  • Do I get a certification?

    If that's something you want then it's something we can provide. Rather than giving you a certificate for every course you complete though, we simply ask you to email us with your details, we'll check in on progress and provide a certificate of completion for all the courses.

  • Who is the course material aimed at?

    We've got course material for everybody from complete beginners through to those who are already proficient but maybe need a help to optimise things.

  • Will it teach me how to get sales from social?

    We have courses designed to tell you exactly that. From getting your brand out there to a wider audience to building ad campaigns to drive sales, that's all covered.

  • How much time will it need?

    That's entirely up to you. Our offering has been designed to be there when you need it. If you want to dip in when you have a specific question to get the answer you need in just 15 minutes, that's fine. If alternatively you want to sit down and do all the courses back to back, that's likely to take you a good few hours...

  • Do I need to complete all the courses?

    Not at all. The courses have been designed to give you the information you need on the platforms you work on. No need to learn about TikTok if you are never going to use it.

  • What if you haven't covered something I want to know

    If there is an area you think we should cover, but we haven't, drop us a line. If we think it's a good idea, we'll create a course, standalone video, or guide on the subject.

    If your question is more niche, send us a query and we'll get back to you!

  • What about SEO and Google Ads?

    While SEO and Google Ads (PPC) can play a part in the overall marketing mix for a business they aren't actually social platforms and therefore we don't include them in our offering.

Our team and support

Who creates the courses and how is support provided?

  • Who is behind all the content?

    We're a UK based social media specialist agency.

    Our experienced team of social media professionals have trained and devised strategies for some of the UK's largest brands. We're not overnight gurus who will promise you a 'quick win', our knowledge is based on many years of direct client experience.

  • What support is on offer?

    We know that people get stuck from time to time, even with all the advice on offer. Platforms change things, accounts get locked etc.

    So, what we offer is the ability to submit a question to our team from the subscriber community or support email account and out team will provide a response within 72 hours (hopefully quicker).

  • Where are you based?

    Our team are all UK based. We used voice over artists from around the globe to provide a variety of accents for our course content but the support, creation and management teams are all based in the UK.

  • Is support English language only?

    Yes, at this stage we only provide English language content but we will hopefully be able to support in other languages soon.

  • Do my queries roll over?

    No, queries do not roll over from month to month.

  • What counts as a query?

    A query is when you raise a ticket with us (by messaging our support team) about a specific issue you have.

    It may be we need to ask you a few questions to get to the bottom of the issue - this will still count as one query.

    Questions about different areas, or asking again about an issue after the ticket has been closed will then be counted as a fresh query.